Silkwater conditioned water in your home provides so many benefits to your family, from sinks free of calcium stains or hard water spotting to softer skin and hair.

Unlike salt-based water softeners, a Silkwater salt-free water conditioner effectively neutralizes the effects of hard water without the need for any salt. They also offer these important benefits:

  • Great Tasting Water at Every Faucet
  • Smoother Skin – Silkier Hair
  • Does Not Release Harmful Brine Back into the Environment
  • No Chlorine in the Shower
  • Virtually Eliminates Hard Water Problems
  • Does Not Waste Gallons of Water due to Back-flushing
  • Low Maintenance – Does Not Require Replacement Salt Bags or Salt Blocks
  • Does Not Require Electricity or Outside Energy Source
  • Cost of Installation is Lower as no Drainage System Required
  • Does Not Require Bi-annual or Annual Maintenance by the Manufacturer
  • They Are Not in the List of Banned Softeners in California and Other Communities
  • Will Prolong the Lifespan of Appliances and Plumbing

With Silkwater Technologies, consumers now have an ideal opportunity to make a change with lasting benefits. By switching from salt water softeners to salt-free water conditioners, home and businesses can enjoy financial rewards without causing harm to the environment.