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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Boiler or Heating System do I need to use a Water Conditioner?
A. Most boilers, central heating and home plumbing systems will benefit from using softened water. Softened water can help plumbing systems run more efficiently by flushing away limescale and scum.

Combi boilers and boilers with an aluminium heat exchanger.

A Silkwater Water Conditioner will work with a combi boiler and help remove the scale in your existing system over time. This restores the system back to its original efficiency and improves performance.

The water conditioned and softened by a water conditioner is capable of dissolving the chalk and lime in your pipework and hot water cylinder. Heat plays a role in speeding up the process so the scale will be removed from the hottest surfaces first, such as the heat exchanger.

Pressurised Water Systems

Our water softeners are designed to handle both high and low flow rates with one system. Older plumbing systems that are used, to be indirect with water storage tanks in the roof, require a low flow rate. The newer plumbing systems are direct, without a storage tank, and require a high flow rate.

Boiling Water Taps

Softened water is fully compatible with boiling hot taps, including Quooker and stainless steel hot water cylinders. Softened water is safe to use with this type of hot water cylinder as it doesn’t react with stainless steel in any way.

Distilled Water Systems

Installing a Silkwater Conditioner before you fit a water distilling system will prevent scale from forming in the future. Fitting the Water Conditioner after a water distilling system will remove scale over time.

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