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The Silkwater Technologies Hard Water Conditioner is a non-electric, lime-scale removing descaler system with built-in water filter powered by normal water pressure. As a result, the Silkwater range of Hard Water Conditioners costs much less to own and install than standard water softeners on the market today.

The innovative SW200XL Wholehouse Water Filter Descaler with calcium control core, bacteria control, iron removal, siliphos treatment and built-in stainless steel screen filter, requires no bags of salt or blocks of salt like conventional water softeners and is low maintenance requiring only to be drained periodically. Opening the drain valve causes atmospheric pressure drop, and the resultant water back-flow rinses out the dirt from the filter screen media.

The SW200XL is installed directly into the main house inlet water line and thereafter requires little maintenance. The incoming water passes rapidly through the chamber in a turbulent state where electrons are induced into the water. These electrons cause changes to the behavior of the minerals and salts in the water, which not only improves your water quality but eliminates water problems such as lime scale and corrosion build-up on fixtures and appliances. It uses catalytic technology to convert un-treated calcium into harmless arogonite crystals which protect your plumbing fixtures and appliances from limescale build-up.

The metallic core of the SW200XL is made up of several metals containing a non-ferrous lead-free special alloy forged into multiple curved passageways. This alloy is composed of different precious and semi-precious metals that, together, make the core extremely hard and highly resistant to corrosion. In comparison to conventional chemical-dependent and expensive water conditioning systems, the Silkwater Descaler Water Conditioning system offers a unique environmentally safe, brine-free technology. Moreover, the descaler provides the home owner a long term return on investment through value-added energy and cost–savings by preventing the formation of scale in appliances, heating equipment, radiators, pipes etc.

Click here for detailed information, specifications and benefits of the SW200XL Water Conditioner Ultra.

Hard Water Conditioning

Watch how the innovative Silkwater Technology water filter/descaler core limits limescale formation by crusting smaller carbonate crystals in hard water to join larger crystals that then stay in suspension and are easily moved by the normal turbulence and water velocity caused by the unique design of the water improver core.

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