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Silkwater products help provide our customers with the best quality eco-friendly water possible, using our salt-free alternative water softener systems that are able to neutralise hard water without salt.

Conventional water softeners (also know as Ion exchange water softeners) take the “hard” minerals out of hard water and replace them with “softer” salt (sodium). A typical salt based water softner or ion-exchange softener may help reduce soap and detergent consumption but the salty tasting soft water is unpleasant to drink and some people complain that it leaves a slimy soapy feeling on the skin after a shower or bath. The big problem with traditional water softeners is that they require a lot of water for servicing or flushing , discharge high salinity wastewater into septic tanks and pollute the environment with salt.

By choosing a Silkwater Technology water conditioner that does not use ion exchange, you have the best of both worlds – softer water without harming the environment.

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