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Healthier Great Tasting Water on Tap
Healthier Great Tasting Water on Tap

The Silkwater Hard Water Conditioners bring softer, healthier and better tasting water to your home.

Better for You and the Environment
Better for You and the Environment

Conventional salt based water softeners have negative impacts on your septic tank and the environment.

The Low Cost Water Softener Alternative
The Low Cost Water Softener Alternative

A simple to install, non-electric limescale removing, hard water conditioner and filter for your home.

Better Water

Innovative Technology

Lower Cost

About Silkwater Technologies

Silicon Valley of Water Technology

For over twenty years, Silkwater Technologies have led the way in providing easy to install, salt-free water conditioning systems. Our simple Water Filter/Conditioner which combines a hard water treatment system with a tap water filter – brings crystal-clear, better tasting and softer water to your home.

Hadera Water Desalination Plant Israel

Silkwater Technologies has taken a smarter approach to solving hard drinking water problems. Our triple action system, treats, descales and filters hard water efficiently, effectively and economically. Our many years of knowledge, expertise, and experience in the water solutions market in Israel means we are the brand you can trust.

A serious lack of potable drinking water has forced Israel as a country to create a flourishing water technology industry. Despite bordering the Red Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and the freshwater Sea of Galilee, Israel has been battling a severe shortage of drinking water since the state was founded in 1948. To survive, various policy initiatives and government incentives have contributed to the creation of a flourishing water technologies industry since then.

Innovative drip irrigation, water recycling, water reclamation, wastewater reuse and sea-water desalination has seen Israel become a pioneering force worldwide, nicknamed by some as the ‘Silicon Valley’ of water technology.

Silkwater Technologies is proud to offer our customers around the world, water treatment systems that are built to last, and the SW series of Water Conditioners even come with a 1-year warranty to give you peace of mind. Depending on the model, Silkwater products are also fully compliant with NSF and ACS regulatory standards and WRAS in the UK.

The Healthier Water Softener Alternative

Better For You And The Environment

Why Choose Silkwater?

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On Demand Softer Water

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Benefits of Conditioned Water

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