On Demand Softer Water

On Demand Softer Water

A Silkwater Conditioner provides your home with on-demand around-the-clock better tasting, limescale-free drinking water.

Old fashioned water softening systems remove healthy minerals, add sodium and do not provide water filtration. The alternative to these issues is the Silkwater Water Conditioning System, helping to eliminate common problems caused by salt-based softeners and providing you and your family with healthier, clean, safe water on-demand.

Not all water softeners are built the same. All salt-based water softeners need regular maintenance, requiring you to add bags of salt or salt blocks to the system. Buying and hauling softening salt gets old quickly. The Silkwater salt free softener alternative doesn’t use salt and requires minimal maintenance, saving you both time and money every year.

With the Silkwater Conditioning System, every tap or faucet in your home instantly becomes a convenient source of quality water. There’s no need to purchase or install additional bulky water treatment systems underneath every sink. No more extra tanks, tubes or replacement filters to buy!

Standard salt-based water softeners or ion exchange softeners require a salt brine solution to be flushed either daily or weekly. They discharge sodium chloride into the sewer or your septic tank and in some cases, waste over 100 gallons of water a week.

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