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Water Treatment

Many people around the world live in areas with hard water, and will be aware of the presence of limescale in their home. The visible effects of scale on surfaces such as stainless steel sinks however are nothing compared to the hidden effects of limescale in household plumbing and appliances. Overtime, hard water naturally forms limescale and coats heating elements inside household appliances, causing them to be less energy efficient and ultimately resulting in failure or breakdown.

For many years, Silkwater Technologies in Israel have designed, developed or researched specialist water treatment products such as water conditioners, limescaler reducers, water descalers, scale inhibitors, limescale removers and other scale reduction technologies for customers around the world.

When you install a Silkwater water conditioner or limescale reducer in your home, you will help protect your household plumbing, home appliances and water heating system by controlling limescale build-up, maintaining appearance and prolonging overall lifespan. You’ll also save money on cleaning products, household energy bills and maintenance costs as well as enjoying sudsier baths, nicer showers and better tasting water.

The Silkwater Scale Reducer range offers a simple fit & forget solution for most households to help reduce the build-up of limescale, with no maintenance. All Silkwater Scale Reducers are designed to last for many years depending on water quality and usage and include a one year Silkwater warranty.

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