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Keep the Minerals!

The gentle and more natural approach taken by Silkwater Technologies in water conditioning prevents hard water scale and corrosion without replacing healthy minerals with salt (sodium). Many people live in hard water areas which means water flowing from their taps or faucets contains higher levels of minerals like magnesium and calcium. The most noticeable difference between hard water and soft water is that it’s more difficult to create a lather with hard water, due to the way calcium compounds react with soap. Another very noticeable effect is staining on stainless-steel sinks and kitchen worktops.

However, the full extent to which hard water affects our homes and lives is much greater. For example, limescale from hard water builds up in plumbing system components such as water boilers, heat exchangers, radiators and pipes resulting in expensive repair bills. More laundry detergent has to be used when washing clothes to counter the effects of hard water. The lifespan of appliances like your washing machine and dishwasher is estimated to be reduced 3.3 years when using hard water.

The older technology solution, a conventional water softener which uses salt is not environmentally friendly and removes valuable minerals. In fact, many cities are now discouraging conventional salt based water softeners as they do not want to deal with the brine discharge.

Benefits Of Using of Salt Free Treatment Methods:

The main reason to use a Silkwater Technologies Water Conditioner (like the SW200XL Water Conditioner Ultra or SW300 series Whole House Water Descaler with filtration system) is to improve the quality of your home water supply. Even if you’re connected to a municipal water supply, the water reaching your tap will now be free of limescale, be better tasting and healthier than conventional salt-based water softeners.

  • Compact and lightweight. Can easily be installed where other filters cannot because of limited space
  • Combines multiple levels of water treatment into one compact system
  • Water Conditioning, Limescale Control, Water Filtration,
  • Iron Removal and Bacteria Control (SW200XL Ultra)
  • Protects plumbing systems, pipes, and appliances (e.g. boilers, kettles, washing machines, dishwashers, water heaters etc.)
  • Saves on electricity costs
  • Will not waste water like conventional water softeners  which use backwashing
  • Do not regenerate – environmentally friendly as there is no wasted brine water
  • Preserves valuable minerals in drinking water
  • Healthier than conventional salt-based water softeners
  • Cost less to purchase than most water softeners and hard water treatment products
  • Aragonite is a form of calcium that is an essential mineral required by your body

Installing a Silkwater Technologies water conditioning device like the SW200XL Water Conditioner Ultra or one of the SW300 Series Water Filter Descalers can provide a simple and long-term solution to many problems associated with a hard water supply. Listen to what The Twin Home Experts, Dave and Jim Sholke have to say in this video. (Video courtesy of The Twin Home Experts)

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