Benefits of Conditioned Water

Benefits of Conditioned Water

Silkwater conditioned water in your home provides so many benefits to your family, from sinks free of calcium stains or hard water spotting to softer skin and hair.

Unlike salt-based water softeners, a Silkwater salt-free water conditioner effectively neutralizes the effects of hard water without the need for any salt. They also offer these important benefits:

  • Great Tasting Water at Every Faucet
  • Smoother Skin – Silkier Hair
  • Does Not Release Harmful Brine Back into the Environment
  • No Chlorine in the Shower
  • Virtually Eliminates Hard Water Problems
  • Does Not Waste Gallons of Water due to Back-flushing
  • Low Maintenance – Does Not Require Replacement Salt Bags or Salt Blocks
  • Does Not Require Electricity or Outside Energy Source
  • Cost of Installation is Lower as no Drainage System Required
  • Does Not Require Bi-annual or Annual Maintenance by the Manufacturer
  • They Are Not in the List of Banned Softeners in California and Other Communities
  • Will Prolong the Lifespan of Appliances and Plumbing

With Silkwater Technologies, consumers now have an ideal opportunity to make a change with lasting benefits. By switching from salt water softeners to salt-free water conditioners, home and businesses can enjoy financial rewards without causing harm to the environment.

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