Silkwater Technologies

Better Water

Silkwater Technologies have led the way in providing easy to install, salt-free hard water conditioner systems for many years. Our simple hard-water solution which combines a calcium control core, siliphos treatment and built-in stainless steel 50-micron screen filter – brings crystal-clear softer water to your home.

Hard water creates limescale and scum (also known as hard water spotting), which stain your sinks, clog shower heads, and leaves washed clothes feeling hard. It clogs up your appliances too, including your boiler and central heating system, making them less effective.

Ensuring you have access to better tasting softer water whenever you need it, is the mission of Silkwater Technologies. Once you’ve installed a hard-water conditioner like the Silkwater SW200XL Filter/Descaler in your home, you will have safer, better tasting, softer water at a twist of the tap. Silk Soft Water will be softer and gentler on your body, beneficial for your health, great for your home appliances and all without adding salt or removing essential minerals.

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