SW305ELD Water Conditioner Maintenance Instructions

SW305ELD Water Conditioner Maintenance Instructions

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Every six to eight months it is recommended to check the level of polyphosphate crystals and clean the stainless steel filter. Replace the polyphosphate canister and clean the filter at this time if needed using a tooth brush from the inside out.

This maintenance interval may change for your particular application and depends on water usage and water condition or contamination level.

Shut off the water flow, then open one of your water taps in the house to minimize the water pressure. Next, un-screw the filter housing from the water line.
Un-screw the two filter halves – Pull the inner filter screen out, remove the polyphosphate canister. Reinstall the screen filter, then re-install the entire housing.

Do not over-tighten – hand tighten only.

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