Why Remove Calcium from Drinking Water?

Why Remove Calcium from Drinking Water?

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Calcium – a Naturally Beneficial Mineral

For most people, calcium is a nutritionally beneficial mineral that is naturally occurring in your drinking water. The biggest problem is that the calcium will eventually cause limescale build-up on your fixtures and glassware, not to mention your appliances.

Using a salt based water softener is the conventional way to remove calcium from water, but the downside is the hassle, cost and waste that using a water softener will cause. Most people just do not want this extra hassle, along with the sodium chloride that remains in the treated water. No one wants to drink water from a conventional water softener.

The better solution might be to treat the water using a Catalytic Water Conditioner, like the SW200XL, SW301 or SW303 Water Conditioner, which simply treats the calcium rendering it harmless by turning it into aragonite which can be easily managed.

Before you decide to replace your old water softener with a catalytic water conditioner you should consider the following:

Using a catalytic conditioner will not remove the hardness from your water, it will however treat the hardness and make it much more manageable allowing the deposits to be cleaned from fixtures and surfaces much easier.

Because a conventional water softener actually removes the hardness from your water, if it is sized correctly and working properly it will eliminate water spotting. Spotting may still occur with a catalytic conditioner, even though the spots are soft and are easily wiped off. This is because aragonite will remain in the water and create the spot.

Unless you have a health condition that prohibits you from drinking water with calcium in it, aragonite is calcium and the body processes it just like untreated calcium and will not change the taste of the water. It is not uncommon for companies that bottle drinking water to add calcium for the added health and taste benefits.

So you don’t need to remove calcium in water just to eliminate hard water deposits because you have more environmentally and healthier choices. And nobody really wants to buy salt and deal with the hassle.

Article courtesy of Brad’s Blog at www.filterwaterdirect.com

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