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Title : We have a good well but our water is a bit hardRating : 5.0Author * : John AulerDate: : April 23, 2018Location : Country : USACountry : Filter DescalerWebsite : Testimonial *I have owned my house for 25 years now. We have a good well but our water is a bit hard. Our old water softener wore out after many years of service but I really didn't like the idea of purchasing another softener that required buying salt all the time. I am so glad I found this salt free softener. I tested our water and it was a little over 20 in hardness. After I installed this Triple Action Poly salt fee softener it dropped to around 5. I can live with that and our water has no smell and no taste, we love it! I did have a small problem and sent the company an email to which they responded right away (even though it was the weekend) and sent me the parts to fix it free of charge. If you have a salt one get rid of it and save money, as it only costs about $25 a year in poly crystals to have really good water..

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