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Title : The treads are more like 1 1/8 inchRating : 2.0Author * : Thomas E.Date: : June 14, 2018Location : Country : USACountry : Filter DescalerWebsite : Testimonial *Primary problem with this unit is difficulty in plumbing. The 1 inch treads are either seconds miss cut or not standard threads. The treads are more like 1 1/8 inch. I have been in HVAC and plumbing for 30 years never have I had to wrap pipe threads 6 to 7 times to prevent a leak as in there instructions. Even then one joint still leaked and had to re wrap with Teflon tape 8 to 9 times and yes I used brass fittings as required to start plumbing. It is my understanding this product is manufactured in another country and assembled here in U.S. I would have returned had it not been for the time it took to install and stop the leaks. Now if it produces results in softening the water I might upgrade review. Possible threads are cut in metric size, if so this company need to advise people of the issue before purchase.

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