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Title : Better than a standard water softenerRating : 5.0Author * : Tom CurlDate: : February 27, 2018Location : Medfield, MACountry : USACountry : Filter DescalerWebsite : Testimonial *No bags of salt to heft around and store, no back flushing, no tanks to maintain. We purchased a Filterwater-3166402237 Poly Salt Free Water Softener filtration kit in January of 2017. It was another year before it was installed as part of our house renovation. Since moving back into into the house this January, and watching for signs of calcium/lime deposits as previously experienced, we noticed nothing but the occasional formation of a white powder on countertops and around fixtures where water had evaporated. Now, rather than having to remove greenish deposits with vinegar and bash bristled brushes, they just wipe away with a damp sponge during normal cleaning. In addition to the house we live in we also own a couple of rental properties. As a part of the upgrades we normally do when tenants leave we will definitely being installing these same water conditioners to reduce maintenance chores and plumbing deterioration. Sincerely, Tom Curl - Medfield, MA

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