Introduction to Salt Free Water Conditioners

Introduction to Salt Free Water Conditioners

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Introduction Into Salt Free Water Conditioners

As you do your research, you will probably find that much of the information you read may be conflicting and you would not be blamed for becoming confused, wondering if these water conditioning systems actually work and if they will solve your hard water problems.

I started my career in water conditioning back in 1977, when we only had conventional salt-based water softeners available and have serviced and sold nearly every brand on the market. Salt-free systems were virtually unheard of. It was in 2005 that I built a new house in a small town in Kansas; I knew the water was hard, even though it was municipal water. I really did not want to install a salt based water softener, because of the salt brine it produces, and having to purchase salt and I don’t like the taste of softened water, not to mention the added sodium in the water was not good for my blood pressure. So I decided to go without a softener, the water tasted great with my under-sink drinking water filter and it seemed like I was going to get by without needing the softener.

In 2008, (three years later) my water heater quit, so I had to pull the heating element in the tank. To my surprise, the tank would not drain because it had more than seven inches of lime scale build-up in the bottom of the tank, and needless to say, I spent an entire day cleaning the scale build-up from the tank and replacing the element. I’m lucky that I was able to save the tank because the build-up was so bad that I had to use a coat hanger and shop vac to dig out the build-up. This is where I began my research into Salt Free Water Conditioners, I really had no knowledge of how they worked or if they worked at all, I just knew I didn’t want a conventional softener but I had to do something or my water heater would be in the same shape again. I began to purchase and use these salt free systems, one at a time (I have personally installed and tested every system we offer through our site) , comparing and rating them on several levels including ease of installation, maintenance, cost and overall performance.

I’m not a scientist or research analyst or engineer, and I’m not a professional writer but I have been able to do actual comparisons on these products, using them in my own home and this has given me real results that I can pass along to you. Some of these systems don’t work as far as I’m concerned and some do work, I have seen real results. I will even tell you what system I’m currently using, and I’m very happy with its performance. Within my website I will try and categorize all known Salt Free Water Conditioners and explain how each conditioner actually works which will help you grasp the concept of these products. I hope you find this information helpful and I hope it helps you better understand the basics of salt free conditioners and if they are a possible solution for your hard water problems.

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