How to Prevent Limescale

How to Prevent Limescale

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Use a Catalytic Water Conditioner

Catalytic water conditioners have been used in commercial and industrial water treatment for many years. In fact many breweries, food production facilities and chemical plants have used the catalytic process to treat water prior to processing. Institutions such as hospitals, universities, hotels and restaurants also rely on catalytic water conditioning to treat water before consumption. Many municipal water treatment plants in towns throughout the UK also use the technology to help treat water.

The new low cost limescale preventer from Silkwater Technology, SWT-MF Catalytic Water Conditioner, brings this technology to homes and apartment buildings. The SWT-MF works by simply changing the crystalline structure of the minerals in the water to prevent limescale build up and subsequent hard water problems. This lengthens the life of house plumbing and kitchen appliances, helps to keep your home and fixtures cleaner and saves energy.

The advanced design of the SWT-MF Catalytic Water Conditioner allows this small, compact conditioner to accomplish what larger units or water softeners do at a fraction of the cost. Unlike other hard water conditioning systems, you don’t have to buy kitchen sink tap filters, refrigerator filters or shower filters.

The compact and easy to fit SWT-MF Catalytic Water Conditioner will treat incoming water which will help reduce water spots on dishes, prevent soap scum on tiles, keep bathtubs and toilet bowls cleaner. It will reduce limescale buildup in dishwashers and other water appliances. No more of that slippery feeling from salt-based water softeners after showering or taking a bath. The SWT-MF Catalytic Water Conditioner system conditions your water so that you can enjoy softer skin and hair without added salt, while leaving in the beneficial minerals that make your water healthy to drink.

Features And Benefits

  • Prevents limescale buildup in plumbing and water appliances
  • Reduces hard water spots on countertops, stainless sinks and shower doors
  • Does not remove beneficial minerals
  • Softer skin and hair
  • Does not use electricity
  • Does not use salt
  • Does not waste water
  • No loss in water pressure
  • Better for you, your family and the environment
  • Low cost, low maintenance, compact design
  • Installed in the incoming mains water supply
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