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Septic Tanks

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the Water Conditioner Compatible with a Biological Waste Tank, Cesspit or Septic Tank?
A. You can use Silkwater Water Conditioners with a septic tank, cesspit, package sewage treatment plant or biological waste tank.

There is no brine or backwash salt from the water conditioner which, unlike a typical water softener could be detrimental to the bacteria in septic tanks or sewage treatment plants.

Typical types of waste disposal:

Cesspits work by storing sewage for a period until they are emptied by the municipality. They don’t release waste to the ground. Typically, cesspits are cleared every month.

Septic tanks hold the sewage for a longer period of time than cesspits. Heavier solids sink to the bottom of the septic tank and bacteria break them down until they become liquid. This process is called anaerobic digestion. Liquids in the tank are washed through a drainage field of underground piping or go through secondary treatment and then released back into the surrounding soils.

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