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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I install the Silkwater conditioner myself?
A. We recommend that you use your local licensed plumber to perform the installation of your Silkwater hard water conditioner. By using a licensed plumber, you will ensure that your new conditioner is installed correctly and will operate properly. We do however provide installation instructions and, under typical circumstances, a normal DIY installation should be completed within two to three hours if you do it yourself.

Q. Can the Silkwater conditioner be installed sideways or horizontally?
A. No. The Silkwater hard water conditioner must be installed vertically and at least 8 inches off the ground.

Q. How much space is needed to install the Silkwater conditioner?
A. The Silkwater range of hard water conditioners including the SW200 Series and SW300 Series Whole-house Water Filter Descalers are compact and do not require a lot of space. For our popular SW200XL, you will want to allow for approximately 12-18″ in width and 12″ in height, depending on whether you include a by-pass valve. This should provide enough room to allow for connections to be made to your existing water supply and for the unit to be drained or cleaned.

Q. Is a water shut off needed while replacing the beads?
A. A shut-off valve is recommended before the water conditioner. If you don’t have a shut off valve installed before the Silkwater unit, you can go to your circuit breaker and shut the power off to your pump, or shut off the mains water supply and then drain through the water conditioner by placing a bucket under it to catch the water.

Q. Is the Silkwater conditioner weatherproof?
A. The Silkwater triple-action descaler conditioner SW200XL and SW300 Series units are very robust and can be installed outdoors provided it is protected from frost and freezing weather conditions.

Q. Where can I buy the pebble poly-phosphate crystal?
A. Polyphosphate is available in many places online including Amazon, and we offer replacement packets.

Q. Where can I find an installation manual?
A. You can find a copy of the installation manual available in our Knowledge Base section.

Q. Will this system prevent scale buildup in a tankless water heater?
A. Yes, the Silkwater conditioner is designed to prevent scale from hard water due to excessive calcium hardness.

Q. Will this unit adequately supply 3 units including 3 bathrooms/showers, 3 kitchens, 4 outdoor faucets?
A. Yes, the SW300 Series has a 1″ inlet and outlet with a flow rate of 30 gpm.

Q. What is the difference between a salt water softener and a Silkwater conditioner?
A. Salt based water softener systems are very effective at removing the minerals in water that cause hard water. They use a process known as ionic exchange or ion exchange where salt is used to remove calcium and magnesium from the water. They also require significant ongoing maintenance, heavy bags of salt or salt blocks, electricity and are bad for the environment because of the salt water being flushed when the system is regenerated. The Silkwater salt-free hard-water conditioning and filter system uses no salt, requires little maintenance, needs no electricity, provides water filtration, costs significantly less than most salt-based systems and doesn’t waste water due to backflushing. You also won’t have the “slippery” or “slimy” feel that is a common complaint with a salt water softener.

Q. How often is it recommended to replace the filter in a Silkwater Conditioner? How will I know when? And is it necessary for a technician to replace it?
A. The maintenance of our system is simple, you have to check and clean it at least twice a year. You will know a service is required as limescale spotting will become noticeable on glass and stainless steel surfaces like sinks. Those who are used to living with a low tartar or low limescale will notice the difference.

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