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Water Softeners

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does salt in soft water cause corrosion?
A. Soft water created by salt based water softeners is aggressive to metals and can cause corrosion. Consequently in older homes with metal plumbing, tap water may turn brown or reddish in colour and cause staining. Leaks and burst pipes may also result from using salty soft water.

Q. What is soft water?
Soft water created by a conventional salt-based water softener (ion-exchange softener) has very low levels of dissolved hardness-causing minerals. Rain water is naturally soft and some regions of the world have soft water. The most common water softeners on the market for the past few years have been the ion exchange type. These water softeners remove the hardness minerals of calcium and magnesium from water but replace them with sodium (salt). The industry term that refers to this ion exchange process is ‘Softening’ water.

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