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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does the Silkwater filter remove chlorine from water?
A. The unique SW200XL removes Combined Chlorine to improve taste and smell but leaves in the more effective Free Chlorine, which means the water traveling through the pipes is still able to kill any bacteria or germs that may have settled in the plumbing system.

Q. We have a lot of iron in our water, Will the filter descaler solve our problem?
A. For average conditions, the SW101 (for RV’s mobile homes) and SW200XL will effectively reduce iron levels in the water. However, we would recommend that you do a water test and consider installing an dedicated iron removal filter system for homes with high iron levels in the water supply.

Q. What do I need for a complete whole-house water filter solution?
A. The Silkwater SW200XL Water Conditioner Ultra whole house water filter would provide a complete home water solution for homes using municipal or public water supplies.

Q. Why is home water purification system preferable to buying bottled water or a home mini bar?
A. A home mini bar, as well as bottled water, are a greenhouse for producing bacteria. It is impossible to store water in a bottle or closed container without a drop of chlorine to prevent bacterial growth. In addition, according to the latest studies, plastic bottled water contains high levels of artificial estrogen which can harm women in pregnancy.

Q. What are the key parameters you should consider before purchasing a water filtration system?
A. First of all, it is important that the water filtration system meets the NSF international health standards. Secondly, the water filter manufacturer or company must provide quality water treatment products and excellent customer service in the provision of potable water solutions. We at Silkwater Technologies, like to treat drinking water as a medicine that is taken to maintain good health. We have the proven water treatment product engineering skills, academic background and years of experience in Israel and around the world.

Q. Will a home water purification system hurt my normal water pressure in the apartment and/or increase the amount of water I use in a month?
A. A water system must not significantly reduce water pressure or cause waste water! Proper design and engineering prevents such a situation. Water filters, water conditioners and other water treatment products from Silkwater Technologies do not adversely affect the water pressure, nor cause wasting of water – we are a completely green water solution for your home or apartment.

Q. What standard features should I look for when I want to buy a water filtration system?
A. The most important standard is the NSF health standard.

Q. What is the difference between a reverse osmosis method and other water filtration systems?
A. Reverse Osmosis system lowers all minerals, tartar/limescale, bacteria, heavy metals and viruses from the water. Sometimes an RO system impairs the taste of water and removes important minerals like magnesium which are necessary for good health. A regular water conditioner system delivers delicious water but is not capable of dealing with heavy metals, viruses and heavy tartar or limescale. The most important question is whether there are heavy metals, viruses and bacteria in the water? If not, a reverse osmosis system is not necessary and would also be very expensive. An unnecessary magnesium-free maintenance cost!

Q. Does reverse osmosis water purification harm the water’s minerals and taste?
A. Absolutely so, especially in magnesium.

Q. Why is it important to install a scale filter for the bathroom plumbing?
A. Prolonged tartar buildup or limescale can cause blockages in the hot water piping at home, decrease the life of electrical appliances, impair the efficient functioning of washing machine and dishwasher and shorten their lifespan. When bathing water in the tub or shower is low in tartar or lime, it does not leave a mark on the mirrors or glass and makes cleaning much easier.

Q. Does the Silkwater filter remove chloramine from water?
A. No, its not designed for this. Usually a high quality activated carbon filter will reduce/remove chloramine.

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