SWC-SP400A Cartridges

SWC-SP400A Cartridges

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  • 6 Siliphos Cartridges
  • Enough for 3 years Service
  • Easy Removal & Servicing
  • Used in SW400
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Maintenance kit of 6 Replacement Siliphos Cartridges for use in Silkwater SW400 Amiad Alpha Conditioners

By servicing your Silkwater water conditioners regularly you will continue to enjoy cleaner, purer, safer and better tasting drinking water with the Silkwater Amiad Alpha Water Conditioners.

The SWC-SP400A is a maintenance kit of (6) siliphos replacement cartridges for use in Silkwater conditioners enough for three (3) years servicing. This kit can be used in the following Silkwater Conditioners:

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