SWC-AK12 Maintenance Kit

SWC-AK12 Maintenance Kit


  • 6 Polyphosphate Cartridges
  • 6 Iron Removal Cartridges
  • Enough for 3 years Service
  • Easy Removal & Servicing
  • Used in SW150, SW200XL, SW201XL
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Maintenance kit of 6 Replacement Polyphosphate Cartridges and 6 Iron Removal for use in Silkwater Whole House Multi Action Water Filter Descalers with Bacteria Control. Total of 12 Cartridges.

By servicing your Silkwater descaler/conditioner regularly you will continue to enjoy cleaner, purer, safer and better tasting drinking water with the Silkwater Whole House Multi Action Water Conditioners.

The SWC-AK12 is a maintenance kit of six (6) polyphosphate replacement cartridges plus six (6) Iron Removal Cartridges for use in Silkwater conditioners enough for three (3) years servicing. This kit can be used in the following Silkwater Conditioners:

For the separate Silkwater 2 Micron Iron Removal Cartridge only (blue and white cartridge) see SWC-IR06. For separate polyphosphate cartridges see SWC-PP06 (Iron Removal) cartridges.

Replacement Polyphosphate & Iron Removal Cartridges in SW200XL

The most efficient and effective SW200XL Water Conditioner Ultra.

  • Working pressure: 1.38-10 bar (20-140 PSI)
  • Flow rate: 75.71 l/min (20 GPM)
  • Filter height: 26.7 cm (10.5”)
  • Installation width: 17 cm (6.7”)
  • Minimum installation distance from wall: 10.2cm (4”)
  • Max. Operating temperature: 122 F / 50 C
  • Min. Operating temperature: -22 F / -30 C
  • Pre-filled polyphosphate cartridge

The main Silkwater Conditioner unit should be installed in an easily accessible location to allow for regular servicing.

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