SWC-IR06 Cartridges

SWC-IR06 Cartridges


  • 6 Iron Removal Cartridges
  • Enough for 3 years Service
  • Easy Removal & Servicing
  • Used in SW150, SW200XL, SW201XL
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Maintenance kit of 6 Replacement Iron Removal Cartridges for use in Silkwater Whole House Multi Action Water Filter Descalers.

By servicing your Silkwater descaler/conditioner regularly you will continue to enjoy cleaner, purer, safer and better tasting drinking water with the Silkwater Whole House Multi Action Water Conditioners.

The SWC-IR06 is a maintenance kit of (6) iron-removal replacement cartridges for use in Silkwater conditioners enough for three (3) years servicing. This kit can be used in the following Silkwater Conditioners:

For the separate Silkwater Polyphosphate Cartridge only (blue cartridge) see SWC-PP06. For a maintenance kit of both the SWC-PP06 (Poly-phosphate) and SWC-IR06 (Iron Removal) cartridges see SWC-AK12

Replacement Iron Removal (Blue/White Cartridge) in SW200XL

The most efficient and effective SW200XL Water Conditioner Ultra.

  • Working pressure: 1.38-10 bar (20-140 PSI)
  • Flow rate: 75.71 l/min (20 GPM)
  • Filter height: 26.7 cm (10.5”)
  • Installation width: 17 cm (6.7”)
  • Minimum installation distance from wall: 10.2cm (4”)
  • Max. Operating temperature: 122 F / 50 C
  • Min. Operating temperature: -22 F / -30 C

The main Silkwater Conditioner unit should be installed in an easily accessible location to allow for regular servicing.

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